As soon as cannabis is legal, it will open a door for different types of industries with virgin markets, making this industry fast and growing.

Now there are more traditional industries included in the cannabis boom, including Banks, Agriculture, Construction, medicine, pharmaceutical, wellness and beauty, packaging, cryptocurrencies, agriculture, E-commerce, Advertising, Food, Alcohol, tobacco, laws, Fashion and textiles, plastic, biodiesel and energy, paper, veterinary products, sleeping supplements, sports products and cannabis tourism.

Law 1787/2016

As of the issuance of Law 1787 of 2016 and its regulations, Colombia has a comprehensive legal framework that regulates access to cannabis for medicinal and / or scientific purposes. allows the cultivation of psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabis plants

access to cannabis

Natural and legal persons, national or foreign, who are interested in accessing cannabis for medicinal or scientific purposes must, at first, request and obtain prior to the start of activities, the corresponding license.

the cannabis plants

The manufacture of cannabis-derived products and the use of minimizing your documents, the cannabis seed forever, whose purpose is medicinal and / or scientific, as well as the associated activities (export, marketing, storage, final disposal).

Regulatory Decree

Law 1787 of 2016 and its regulatory decree provide for a special protection regime for small and medium growers, producers and traders of medical cannabis.

10 April 2017

the Ministers of Health, Justice and Agriculture signed Decree 613 regulating the medical marijuana industry in Colombia. The document signed by the president and the minister of health regulates the possession of seeds and plants, as well as their production, distribution, marketing and export "strictly for medical and scientific purposes".

1972 Protocol

notes that the parties will adopt all legislative and administrative territory measures and will exclusively limit the production, manufacture, export, import, distribution, trade, use and possession of narcotic drugs for medical and scientific purposes.

Legislative Act No 02 of 2009

According to Legislative Act 02 of 2009, "the bearing and consumption of narcotic or psychotropic substances are prohibited, except by medical prescription.

Legislative Act No 02 of 2009

Submission under pedagogical, prophylactic or therapeutic measures and treatments requires the informed consent of the addict. "That the Congress of the Republic issued Law 1787 of July 6, 2016, which regulates Legislative Act 02 of 2009 , whose purpose is to create a regulatory framework that allows safe and informed access to the medical and scientific use of cannabis and its derivatives in the Colombian national territory.

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